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Guided Tissue Regeneration Therapy
Guided Tissue Regeneration therapy is a proven dental therapy that may give your teeth a second chance. GORE Regenerative Membranes take advantage of the body's own ability to heal itself and regenerate the tissue lost through periodontal disease. Using GORE Regenerative Membrane, your dental professional may be able to save your teeth - and preserve your natural smile.

A Breakthrough in Dental Care
GORE regenerative membranes are proven solutions to periodontal disease. They are specifically designed to help preserve your natural teeth through Guided Tissue Regeneration therapy.

During Guided Tissue Regeneration therapy, a GORE Regenerative membrane is surgically placed around your tooth and forms a protective barrier, which allows your body to regenerate new, health tissues. It takes approximately 6 to 10 weeks for the body to heal itself and the attachments holding your tooth in place to grow back.

For over 27 years, Gore has provided clinicians and patients with many of the most innovative biomaterial solutions. We are proud that more than 7.5 millions clinical implants of GORE Medical Products have been performed worldwide.

At Gore, we demand that our products be the highest quality in their class and revolutionary in their effect.