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What is Guided Bone Regeneration Therapy?
Sometimes, trauma or disease damages a tooth to the point that it can't be saved. Fortunately, patients today have many choices for replacing their natural teeth, including implants, removable dentures, and fixed bridges. These solutions often look just as good as natural teeth, and can restore your natural appearance, while letting you lead an active lifestyle.
Without healthy bone in the jaw, however, there is no foundation to support any of these replacement options. Gore & Associates, Inc. (Gore); a pioneer in the development of regenerative membrane technology, has developed safe and proven biomaterial solutions that are used as part of an advanced dental procedure called Guided Bone Regeneration therapy.
Gore Regenerative Membranes will help your bone to heal itself, so you can restore your smile.

The Key to Restoring Bone
Guided Bone Regeneration therapy is a procedure that blocks fast-growing gum tissue, allowing the slower growing bone cells to fill in the defect. During guided Bone Regeneration Therapy, GORE Regenerative Membranes are surgically placed between the gum and bone, letting your natural bone tissue heal without interference.
The purpose of Guided Bone Regeneration therapy is to help your body increase bone in the jaw to support replacement options such as dental implants. It also builds a foundation of bone to help your surrounding natural teeth remain healthy.